San Francisco is filled with beautiful parks and nature attractions that both locals and tourists love to see. The top 10 places to visit are the following:

  1. Golden Gate Park

  • This seemingly undiscovered park has 1.5 square miles of just open space. It is in the Golden Gate Park that the Academy of Sciences and DeYoung Museum can be found. The weekend brings out the exciting psychedelic music festival, acro yoga workshops, and drum circles for an ultimate state of relaxation.
  1. Alcatraz Island

  • Park rangers are expertly touring people in this historical structure by recounting the interesting prison history.

  1. San Francisco Botanical Garden

  • This utterly diverse botanical garden is a living museum that is located inside the Golden Gate Park. There are more than 8,500 plants inside.

  1. Crissy Field

  • Crissy Field is a vibrant hub for youthful activities dedicated to the Golden Gate National Parks. This is the place where young youths gather to encourage the younger generations to aim to be great leaders.

  1. Grandview Park

  • This hilltop park is proud to have a dune plant community that is sitting on top of a 140-million-years-old rock that known as “Franciscan chert”.
  1. The Presidio

  • This urban forest has 24 miles of interesting hiking trails that is full of cypress, pines, and eucalyptus trees.

  1. The Rooftop Garden at One Kearney

  • This amazing natural hideout is at the rooftop of an office building.
  1. Glen Canyon Park

  • This isolated and blissfully very quiet park is ideal for serene reflections of life. There are horsetail and willows growing here, with uncomplicated hiking trails.
  1. Bernal Heights Park

  • It is in Bernal Heights that you can look down on houses in the city that looks like dollhouses.

  1. Land’s End Lookout

  • This rocky and windswept shoreline is conveniently located at the mouth of the famous Golden Gate. A USS San Francisco memorial can be found in the park, and there are many hiking trails to enjoy in.