San Francisco is a beautiful city that is filled with diverse people who gets together to have a lot of fun during the summer months. And this remarkable place never disappoints with the number of summer activities every year.

Live music and concert events

If you have deep love for music, then the San Francisco Bay Area is your primary destination. There will be live music performances and concert events all around the bay for you and all music and party lovers all over the world.

Fourth of July Celebration and Fireworks

Have fun in the yearly waterfront celebration of the Fourth of July that includes live performances in the popular Fisherman’s Wharf, and beautiful fireworks at night.

Fillmore Jazz Festival

The Fillmore Jazz Festival happen every Fourth of July Weekends and the huge event spreads across twelve blocks in the diverse Pacific Heights District. You can also take advantage of cold beverages, delicious gourmet food, and varying arts and crafts from different vendors in the country.

Haight Street Fair

The Haight Street Fair is all about beautiful live music that is sectioned into two stages. You will have the chance to taste varying gourmet food, and choose arts and crafts from more than 200 booths that are stretched on the Haight Ashbury district which is located on Haightstreet in between Stanyan and Masonic.

North Beach Festival

The North Beach Festival is a large street fair that offers incredible live music, fun adventures for the kids, and over 20 events for gourmet food. In North Beach, you can delight in watching the Italian Street Painting, enjoy the space for chalk art for kids, and participate in the celebration for the blessings of animals.

Summer Cruises

The famous summer cruises are one of the most favorite adventures of locals and tourists in San Francisco. You can spend hours with family, friends, and loved ones on a cruise that you will always remember.